Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's try this again

It has been a year since I've done this, so I'm a little rusty at it.  I actually miss the writing. Admittedly, I actually was burned out by the time we closed this down the last time. 

In the year since we last "talked", not a whole lot has transpired, with me in particular, that is note worthy. I still have the same job (2 1/2 years now). I haven't picked up any hobbies.  I tried to build the boys a loft bed - total disaster! I'm not good with my hands and no amount of wishing and trying has improved that...so far.

I've lost 15lbs!  Whoohoo!  That's something.

Anyway...I'm looking forward to spending some quality time here and hope to even develop a few cyber "friends" along the way.

"Talk" to you later.


1 comment:

Della said...

Congratulations on the 15lbs!!