Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hard to Believe!

WOW- It has been a whole year- The kids have been home now a year! Doesn't seem like a year most of the time- and sometimes it feels like they have just always been with us!

We have definitely have had our ups and downs this year. Each of the adoptions have had their own different struggles.

Zoe and Davis's English is really good for a year home. Justin is struggling with his. Justin's soccer has been his saving point. And he is good at it.

Juan and I are going to put Zoe and Davis into the 3rd grade next year. We put them in 1st as they had really never been to school and could not read or write. As they were so small, it worked out OK- However they have grown this year- so, we are putting them in grades for they age. (Zoe should be rising 4th but that is just too big of a leap- we may jump her another grade next year) Justin will be going into the 6th grade- Middle school will be so hard for him- we are really praying on what to do.

Juan and I had our date night last Friday night and after a wonderful dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble- my favorite place! We found some wonderful math and reading work books for each of the kids to work on this summer.

In just over a month, the middle adopted kids will be home for 4 years! And Joey in Sept will be home for 8 years.

Each of our children have a wonderful story to tell. ;)

Blessings, Pamela Dawn

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Aus said...

Wow - a year - who'd have thought that already! Congrats ya'll - you really are a Blessing to us!

hugs - aus and co.