Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry & Blessed Christmas!

It's the day we recall/memorialize/celebrate the birth of our Christ, Jesus. We all do it in so many different ways. As long as we are alive we have reason to celebrate, but as humans we like to set aside particular days to celebrate and remember. Even in the Old Testament, the LORD God set aside particular days for us to remember and celebrate different events. So I take His example and follow along with the tradition of "observing" Christmas.

Yes, we do exchange gifts in our family and we buy gifts for friends, and we donate to causes for some. Yet, we never lose sight of why this particular day was set remember that our salvation came to this earth as a man child. He was born helpless but He was the only source of hope for all mankind. We also realize that it is man's idea to celebrate the memory of His birth, and it is Jesus' command to celebrate/memorialize the event of his sacrificial death and victorious resurrection for our sakes.

This morning we watched our children's eyes as they opened their various gifts. We bathed in the glow of their adoration (as long as it lasts). We made our traditional call to Grandma & Grandpa. We'll eat our traditional Christmas feast. We will pray for our sisters and brothers around the world who can not celebrate openly because they are being persecuted for Christ's sake. We will pray for those who have no earthly treasures to open this morning; while at the same time they have more to celebrate because their faith tends to be more real than mine.

Celebrate & Pray - Remember and never forget...Jesus is the only reason!
God Bless each of you with Love, Joy, Peace, and Prosperity.