Monday, July 14, 2008

Fast Forward for one moment

OK, this will give you a little whiplash, but hang-on...!

We started this blog to show our journey on how we got to where we are today. Today we have DJ from China, and LJ, AJ & JJ from Ethiopia. Our intention was to share our story in order to encourage others who were or are considering adoption. It was to be basically a historical trip up to present and then a journal for the future. It was...

In the mean time Pam and I had been praying about enlarging our family (As if 4 at home and 5 away was not large enough!). We believe the Lord God has provided our family a mission and our mission is to adopt, love and care for orphans. We can't save the world, but our little drop of water in the ocean of need is better than doing nothing at all. We have been lead to another sibling group of three children (one girl and two boys) in Ethiopia! So we want to start chronicling our path to bring these children home.

This ought to be quite the adventure. We'll add pictures, and bios on them for you to see. What we want to ask right now is for your prayers. LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of prayers! International adoptions are lengthy, stressful, and expensive. Our children (those at home and those to-be) will need your prayers as well.

I'll attempt to continue a veritable parrallel blog of bringing up the past while covering the present at the same time. If it gets to cumbersome, I'll drop the past until later.



Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Pam - Papa is 64 - still! We have a grandson from Siberia now 9 and our daughter is adopting another from China - now just a waiting game! We love family -cherish it Pam.

Charley and Jessica said...

Thank you for the comment on our blog! We, too, are hoping the Lord allows adoption to be one of our primary ministries in the future. I (Jess) have been to Russia, and seen first hand the children there who desperately need families who will love and care for them, as well as raise them in the things of the Lord. Your family will be added to our prayer list and we will look forward to following your blog as God continues to expand your family!

In Him,
Jessica (and Charley) Preston

Nancy said...

I cannot wait to hear the rest of this story!